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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
KO-MED Clinical Centers

The current list of KO-MED Clinical Centers.

ZAMOŚĆ Ośrodek Badań Klinicznych Zamojski Szpital Niepubliczny
ul. Peowiaków 1
Tel: +48 84 627 88 87
PUŁAWY Ośrodek Badań Klinicznych
ul. Sieroszewskiego 34
Tel: +48 81 888 63 33
LUBLIN Ośrodek Badań Klinicznych ŻAGIEL MED
ul. Tetmajera 21
Tel: +48 81 440 24 74
LUBLIN Centrum Innowacyjnych Terapii SPSK4
ul. Jaczewskiego 8
Tel: +48 81 506 50 21
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Treatment with innovative methods is intended primarily for patients who have not been improved in the current treatment process, who are looking for new treatment options to improve health, comfort and quality of life. For patients who want to participate in one of the research programs and obtain all the necessary information, we guarantee free consultation in one of our centers.