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Join our international success story with our carefully selected bacteria that excel in addressing the following issues and are patented in both Europe and the USA:

Product No. 1

This product is designed for all individuals suffering from bloating, diarrhea, and other intestinal problems caused by anaerobic bacteria of the Clostridium genus.

Product no.1  is a composition of two unique probiotic strains from the Bifidobacterium genus with documented properties against Clostridium bacteria and yeast (candida spp.).

Product Efficacy: The product’s effectiveness as a combination therapy has shown over 70% efficacy in long-term elimination of Clostridium difficile compared to competitors.

Product No. 2

Restores the balance of the upper respiratory tract microbiome by eliminating pathogens – including staphylococci and streptococci – and stimulates the immune system through immunomodulatory action. Additionally, our product also cares for the nose and sinuses. The product has a moisturizing effect.

Product Efficacy: The product’s effectiveness has shown over 70% efficacy, such as in the treatment of chronic sinusitis in patients.

Product No. 3

This product is designed for all women suffering from sporadic and/or recurrent urinary tract infections of bacterial and fungal origin. For vaginal use.

Product Efficacy: The product’s effectiveness has shown 80% greater efficacy compared to dedicated probiotic products from competitors for candidiasis and bacterial infections.

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