KO-MED CK is an experienced network of clinical study sites (SMO) with a proven track record of over 20 years. We boast an excellent reputation in our field, confirmed by numerous sponsor audits and FDA inspections. Our sites have repeatedly achieved top recruiter status in Europe and the world.

We have a proven track record of creating value, as evidenced by the development and sale of several sites to Velocity (USA), a global leader in clinical research.

What sets us apart:

Effective performance and delivery on commitments. Excellent knowledge of the European market and its barriers. Experience in implementing business solutions on the European market. Contracting resources in Europe that meet the criteria of companies from other geographic markets, primarily from the USA.

We have a management system that takes into account legal, cultural, and geographical differences and IT systems adapted to them. We implement the enterprise architecture to the conditions existing on the European market (business model, strategy, operational models, contact models, billing models, participant recruitment models, research team employment model) enabling the achievement of excellent results. We have experience in project management, site management, and network management.

Leveraging our successful model of collaboration with research centers in hospitals, successful expansion in dozens of medical fields, especially oncology, and experience in hundreds of conducted clinical trials – makes us a proven partner for joint ventures.

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