Clinical trials around the world.
Clinical trials around the world.

Although the number of clinical trials conducted in Poland is growing all the time, we still cannot match in this respect other highly developed countries. Worldwide, clinical trials are increasingly the foundation of modern medicine and are a prerequisite for patients’ access to modern therapies. In terms of the number of trials being carried out, the United States and Germany take the lead. The leaders also include France, Canada, Spain, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Poland is in the tenth place in this respect. At the same time, our country has tremendous potential to develop the field of clinical trials.

The important factors are: the size of the population, medical infrastructure in the form of health facilities in which clinical trials could be carried out, and highly qualified medical staff. Meanwhile, it is estimated that in 2011-2014 there were 300-400 clinical trials carried out every year – mainly connected with gastrology, pediatrics, cardiology, rheumatology and pulmonology. One of the main obstacles for developing clinical trials in Poland are complicated and lengthy administrative procedures that block the possibility of larger scale operations.

However, clinical trials constitute a field of medicine which brings benefits to a number of entities. The main beneficiaries are patients, thus gaining access not only to innovative and promising pharmaceuticals, but also to detailed diagnostics, modern medical equipment and the best specialists. Physicians also benefit from clinical trials, because they get an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience in the areas which they find interesting, they get acquainted with the latest medical standards, have contact with members of medical profession from all over the world. Hospitals are also among the beneficiaries. Frequently, for clinical trial use, they are equipped with advanced diagnostic and medical devices, and they introduce new operational procedures which raise their work standards. Taking all this into consideration it stands to reason that development of clinical trials in Poland is worth supporting as it constantly raises the medical and pharmaceutical market to a higher level, while guaranteeing individual benefits.