Lublin – a new KO-MED Centra Kliniczne clinical trials center

We would like to inform you that we have signed a contract for the conduct and supervision of clinical trials at the Neuropsychiatric Hospital  in Lublin, which is the second largest psychiatric hospital in Poland. The hospital and outpatient clinics cover a population of 2 million patients (75% of patients with psychiatric disorders are treated […]

Nomination to the Emblem “Teraz Polska”

KO-MED Centra Kliniczne has been nominated by the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation for the reception of the prestigious Emblem “Teraz Polska” (Poland Now) in the category of  “innovative therapies for patients”. Only a small number of selected products and services are awarded the Emblem annually. The jury’s nominations are based on the products’ and services’ […]

Favorable FDA Audit Results

In November 2019, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) conducted an audit at KO-MED Clinical Centers. The two FDA auditors not only discovered no critical/major findings, which is in itself a very positive signal for us but also emphasized on multiple occasions the very good organization and high standards of study conduct. It is worth noting […]

Disambiguation by the President of the  Board of KO-MED Centra Kliniczne

Disambiguation by the President of the  Board of KO-MED Centra Kliniczne. Due to erroneous information appearing in the media linking the cooperation between KO-MED Centra Kliniczne and Medical College of Wisconsin (USA) with development of a coronavirus vaccine, I wish to explain that the cooperation of KO-MED Centra Kliniczne with Medical College of Wisconsin (USA) […]

KO-MED Centra Kliniczne receives an exceptional award

We are proud to announce that American company IQVIA, one of the largest organizations conducting clinical trials around the world, granted KO-MED Centra Kliniczne with an exceptional award. Our organizations appreciated for exceeding patient recruitment targets and very high-quality clinical trials performance. KO-MED Centra Kliniczne is the only IQVIA’s Polish partner to receive such an […]

KO-MED Centra Kliniczne a strategic partner of an international medical conference

On October 2nd, 2019, a conference State of Wisconsin and Lublin Province Collaboration in the Field of Development of Healthcare System, Medical Education and Clinical Research took place in Lublin. The conference was held in the Column Hall of the Lublin Province Governer’s Office. KO-MED Centra Cliniczne was a strategic partner to this event. The conference was […]

KO-MED Centra Kliniczne becomes a partner of Medical College of Wisconsin

On September 24th, 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA), KO-MED Centra Kliniczne entered into a general agreement with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). MCW is the third-largest private medical school in the United States, and the largest research institute in the State of Wisconsin, with the research budget of $235 million. MCW has conducted 2600 […]

President Marek Konieczny as a panelist in a social debate “Together for Health”.

On the 8th of May 2019  in Białystok  the President of KO-MED Centra Kliniczne, Marek Konieczny participated in an important social debate Together for Health started by the  Minister of Health, prof. Łukasz Szumowski and organized under the Minister’s patronage. The debate was organized as a part of 6th Conference called  Innovations, Technologies, Efficiency. President […]